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Why I think creating virtual high streets only further damages the real high street… #indieretail

Later today I am speaking to radio 4 about the new “virtual high street” schemes that are popping up. I’m also filming for a feature that goes out on Sky TV News. I’m the one who has to say why … Continue reading

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What is the future of high street shopping? @Wagit #IndieRetail

89% of the UK population visit online retailers. You’ve probably seen a load of statistics like this,  I seem to see them posted on Twitter on a daily basis. If the stats are true then every retailer in the country should … Continue reading

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Everything you need to know about distance selling by @SA_Law Stuart Sproule #IndieRetail

Any business which supplies goods or services must ensure it complies with a number of regulations as to the description, quality and suitability of those goods or services, as well as the information it provides to consumers.  When selling at … Continue reading

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Stop Playing Shops – What are the key ingredients to becoming a scalable retail enterprise?

On Wednesday 8th December 2010 3 specialist organisations from my network of partners, all experts in their respective fields, gather around my meeting room table. The purpose was to talk about how, as a group, we can offer a simple, … Continue reading

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