What is multi-channel retail?

I recently was asked to add my comments to a selection of questions about multi-channel retail for a feature in a publication. I thought it would be interesting to share my thoughts in full as my comments will be edited and used as extracts for the article! What follows are the questions and my answers… enjoy!

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What is a retailer? Redefining the meaning of retail…

In recent weeks we’ve been hearing from various sources that “the future of the high street isn’t retail”. I was thinking about this, because I believe that this really depends on how you define retail…

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PRESS RELEASE: The High Street is Dead, Long Live the High Street! #futurehighstreet

Retail Champion and high street campaigner, Clare Rayner, announces the first Future High Street Summit in a bid to ditch the rhetoric about “death of the high street” and to kick-start positive ACTION to accelerate the transformation and regeneration of UK towns.

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Leveraging your business data to deliver profitable growth – Webinar with @BrightpearlHQ

I’ve just recorded a webinar with the Support for Independent Retail campaign’s platinum sponsor, Brightpearl. They talk sense. Anyone who knows me, who knows about the 10-steps to retail success, will know I am a massive advocate of allowing the data in your business to guide your commercial decisions, to help back-up those instinctive, gut feel, decisions you may take and enable you to feel more confident about chasing higher margin fast selling lines or cutting out slow moving lines that end up costing you in markdown spend.

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The Consumer Revolution; The Retail Evolution – how the internet has changed the way we shop…

On 14th May I am looking forward to speaking at the first “Digital High Street” conference. I’ll be speaking about a topic very close to my heart is something I’ve observed, we all have, we’ve all been part of it to a greater or lesser extent – and that’s the “consumer revolution”. If you want to come to the event register HERE!

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Beyond Portas – Communities need to work together to reconnect people with local businesses #indieretail

I don’t think anyone would claim our high streets are thriving, and whilst some are better than others, most are in need of a boost. The government invested in some support for the high street, but I am not sure how appropriate that is – either in terms of the quality of what they are offering or in terms of the government’s role in supporting private business. Whilst they are ideally placed to tackle structural issues, those around business rates for instance, I believe when underlying structural issues are tackled, businesses will naturally find a way to evolve.

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Retailer master-classes – 10-steps to retail success #retailsuccess

I wanted to let you know that I am planning to offer 1-day master-classes for independent retailers / consumer-facing businesses around the UK, delivered within the communities, ideally in partnership with a local business community or network.

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