Retail Consultant

The Retail Champion: Retail Consultant

The Retail Champion offers retail consulting services for businesses who need a boost, a sounding board or feedback on a specific aspect of their retail strategy.

Aimed at smaller independent retailers and retail suppliers/SMEs, consulting services are intended for those who welcome the opportunity to share ideas and gain the input of a retail expert consultant on an on-demand basis – or, alternatively, as a retail advisor to the board of larger companies.

Many of The Retail Champion’s consulting clients require help on an ad hoc basis, but if you feel that you need a continuous, ongoing level of support, you may want to consider the mentoring programmes.

The retail business consulting service is intended to be flexible, to fit in with the business owner’s requirements and to be compatible with the many other demands on their time.

The Retail Champion consulting services enable your business to take advantage of retail expert input in the most appropriate way for you and your business. If you would like to find out more, please email or call 01727 238890.

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